Frog was created in 2005 by Stéphanie Moisdon & Eric Troncy.

21 issues have been published until now.

Frog 9 was published in September 2010.

The French Writer and movie director MARGUERITE DURAS is on the cover, photographed by RENAUD MONTFOURNY.

Starting with issue 9, Frog was augmented to 300 pages and a special textured cover.

Paris Purple magazine editor OLIVIER ZAHM made our editorial, with 8 pictures of MALCOLM MCLAREN’s funeral —and this was our very intimate choice to bring together Duras on the cover and McLaren for the editorial. With unique and never shown before pictures by famous photographer DOMINIQUE ISSERMANN... READ MORE & SEE CONTENT

Frog 10 was published in May 2011.

A lot of people are on the cover of this issue, photographed by FRANCOIS DECOSTER & ASMA KHAWATMI in Singapore.

This is a quite particular issue : we asked our authors to write either on something they saw and wanted to discuss, or on something they thought could happen in the future —a group show, a retrospective, in 2017 or 2034.

So did French art critic BERNARD MARCADE, writing on GUY DEBORD at the “Centre Oscar Niemeyer in Paris” —which does not exist yet.

BRUCE BENDERSON, once again contributing to Frog for our greatest pleasure, writes a rather cruel fiction he called “Pas loin du sublime” and chooses the as of yet non-existent “musée de l’art contemporain” in “Nome”. Heavily hidden behind “Allegra Marashino-Nusch” alias, great English Paris-based art critic and Frieze magazine contributor VIVIAN REHBERG reviews a projected show at the Château de Versailles —which could happen quite soon! READ MORE & SEE CONTENT

Frog 12 was published in March 2013.

The Los Angeles artist ALEX ISRAEL is on the cover of this issue.

Alex made this selfportrait specially for Frog at the Warner Brothers studios in L.A.

This is a very Los Angeles-oriented issue, featuring American artist ALEX ISRAEL after his show at Galerie ALMINE RECH, Paris, reviewed by Frog editor ERIC TRONCY. Alex also did the picture of our editorial, and realized the interviews of American writer BRET EASTON ELLIS and actress MELANIE GRIFFITH—they were featured in his “As it Lays” web project, today in the MoCA Los Angeles collections…  READ MORE & SEE CONTENT

Frog 11 was published in July 2012.

The French artists DOMINIQUE GONZALEZ-FOERSTER and  PHILIPPE PARRENO are on the cover of this issue, photographed by OLIVIER ZAHM at Balenciaga, Paris. READ MORE & SEE CONTENT

Frog 13 was published in November 2013.

The American artist Mike Kelley (1954 – 2012) is on the cover of this issue, photographed by Catherine Bastide in Bryce Canyon, Southwestern Utah.

MIKE KELLEY’s shows at The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and The Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris are discussed in this issue by JILL GASPARINA and NOELLIE ROUSSEL—both admiring KELLEY’s œuvre and sharing a rather critical point of view on the Paris venue. Not much more positive is the opinion of JONATHAN CHAUVEAU on French philosopher BERNARD-HENRI LEVY’s show “Les aventures de la vérité” at the Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, but admiration is back with MARIE DE BRUGEROLLE’s essay on ANDREA FRASER and her show in Cologne. PIERRE HUYGHE’s Pompidou Centre exhibition also leans Frog Editor in Chief ERIC TRONCY to express—one more time—his deep admiration for the very demanding relationship the French artist has with his own work… READ MORE & SEE CONTENT

Frog 14 hits the newsstands in September 2014.

The American artist JOE BRADLEY is on the cover, photographed for Frog by Jo Malgrean.

In this issue, JOE BRADLEY is interviewed by Frog’s Chief Editor ERIC TRONCY, while CHARLES TEYSSOU reviews his show at EVA PRESENHUBER (Zürich). Hopefully there is no weakness in our intent to showcase in Frog #14 some of the artists who are the market darlings right now. Read what they have to say! MATIAS FALDBAKKEN talks extensively with art critic FABIAN STECH, and so does FREDRIK VAERSLEV with ERIC TRONCY, while CAMILLE HENROT chats with JONATHAN CHAUVEAU. See also the reviews for TAUBA AUERBACH, PAMELA ROZENKRANZ and KORAKRIT ARUNANONDCHAI. Will they still be talked about in 20 years? Only time will tell!

irit and brought back some extraordinary pictures. READ MORE & SEE CONTENT

Frog 15 hits the newsstands in November  2015.

OLYMPIA CAMPBELL is on the cover, photographed for Frog by JÜERGEN TELLER at the Musée PICASSO in Paris.

This is a very special issue, as we celebrate Frog’s 10th anniversary!

For this anniversary issue, JÜergen Teller shot a 28-page super exclusive spread at the Musée Picasso in Paris especially for us, while Stéphanie Moisdon interviewed Bernard Picasso himself. Italian architect and designer Andrea Branzi, a member of Archizoon between 1964 and 1974, is featured in an exclusive interview for Frog with Chloé Valadie and Gaëtan BruneT—here he shares his provocative views on ecology, among many other things: “I am not interested in ecology. I don’t think it is sufficient as such to embrace the complexity of our world. Ecology and the reflections that focus on the environment can bring dangerous simplifications. Humanity’s happiness isn’t reducible to the quantity of available square meters that contains flowers. It’s too much of a reductive vision. Humanity’s commitment to nature is much more complex and mysterious.”


In this issue, we have a special focus over 50 pages on DOMINIQUE GONZALEZ-FOERSTER, with a review of her show at the Pompidou by Frog’s chief editor ERIC TRONCY, photographs of her M.2062 performance by GIASCO BERTOLI, while MARINA FAUST shot the stage curtain she designed for the Vienna Opera. 

GRANT WAHLQUIST also discusses JIM SHAW’s exhibitions at the New Museum in New York and at MassMoCA; VANESSA PLACE makes comparisons between ALEX ISRAEL and BRET EASTON ELLIS common show in Hollywood and JORDAN WOLFSON’s one in New York; and our beloved associate editor NOELLIE ROUSSEL also publishes here her long essay “Burgers, sausage fest and conformism: why French art sucks”—the title says it all!

Flavien Menu interviews Dyvik Kahlen architects in London, while Frog’s associate editor for architecture Antoine Espinasseau photographed their building in The Netherlands. In addition, read our interviews with Roberto Cuogghi, Matali Crasset, Diana Thater, Melike Kara, and Christian Rosa.