Frog 10 was published in May 2011.

A lot of people are on the cover of this issue, photographed by François Decoster & Asma Kawatmi in Singapore.

This is a quite particular issue : we asked our authors to write either on something they saw and wanted to discuss, or on something they thought could happen in the future: a group show, a retrospective, in 2017 or 2034.

So did French art critic BERNARD MARCADE, writing on GUY DEBORD at the “Centre Oscar Niemeyer in Paris” —which does not exist yet.

BRUCE BENDERSON, once again contributing to Frog for our greatest pleasure, writes a rather cruel fiction he called “Pas loin du sublime” and chooses the as of yet non-existent “musée de l’art contemporain” in “Nome”. Heavily hidden behind “ALLEGRA MARASHINO-NUSCH” alias, great English Paris-based art critic and Frieze magazine contributor VIVIAN REHBERG reviews a projected show at the Château de Versailles —which could happen quite soon!

We removed the “archifrog” section because we felt the architecture content of the magazine did not have to be separated from the Arts content anymore. And we were proud to celebrate that decision with the brilliant FRANCOIS DECOSTER essay on the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore: a text of great literature that reminds us we got involved in art criticism (like PETER SCHJELDAHL or DAVE HICKEY) after the Baudelaire tradition, not after the anonymous blogs one. We are extremely proud to publish in this issue San Rocco magazine editor PIER PAOLO TAMBURELLI’s manifesto “Grey City”.

Artists have been very involved in this issue: MARK HANDFORTH did an extraordinary picture series  for us on HERZOG & DEMEURON’s new building in Miami, while

Hollywood former costume designer and now Los Angeles painter KISTEN EVERBERG photographed for Frog PAUL WINSTANLEY’s show at PE1301. KAREN KILIMNIK gave us the first and only images she took of the house she conceived and is building for herself in America. MARINA FAUST shot her own show in Vienna.

A 40-page section opens this issue, focusing on PIERRE HUYGHE’s movie he realized after the three times four hours performance he did at musée des  Arts et traditions populaires we reviewed in Frog 9. And a quite intense essay on “Big Tits” written by PAQUITA PAQUIN lights up the Chroniques section.


Pierre Huyghe

MNAM & Galerie Goodman, Paris

par Stéphanie Moisdon

par Èric Troncy

par Virginie Vuillaume

par Alo Paistik

Didier Marcel

MAMVP, Paris

par Éric Troncy

“THEM! aka ils@versailles”

Château de Versailles

par Allegra Marashino-Nusch

“Guy Debord, son art et son temps”

Centre Oscar Niemeyer, Paris

par Bernard Marcadé

“Qui es-tu Peter ?”

Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris

par Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff

“C’est samedi !”

diverses galerie, Paris

par Bernard Blistène


John McCracken

Castello di Rivoli, Turin

par Jean-Marie Gallais

“La lezione di Dorain Gray”


par Danièle Gibrat

Jean Veilhan

MOCA, New Jersey

par Julie Boukobza

“Pas loin du sublime”

musée de l’Art Contemporain, Nome

par Bruce Benderson


Benoît-Marie Moriceau

MAMVP, Paris

par Paul Bernard

“Les psychonautes”

La pyramide noire

par Sinziana Ravini

“La chasse au trésor”

EPIAR Villa Arson, Nice

par Pierre Joseph

Elmgreen & Dragset

ZKM, Karlsruhe

par Jean-Marie Gallais

La ville grise

Grey City

par Pier Paolo Tamburelli


MAMCO, Genève

par Paul Bernard


Centre d’Art Contemporain Septentrion, L’Hazewind

par Yves Brochard


Herzog & de Meuron, Miami

par Mark Handforth

Karen Kilimnik’s House

par Karen Kilimnik

Paul Winstanley, Los Angeles

par Kirsten Everberg

Point Supreme Architects, Patras

par Yannis Drakoulidis

“Sgravo vs Fat Lava”, Genève

par Oliver Pasqual

“Numéro”, Paris

par Pierre Even

Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Edimburgh

par Karen Clifford

Wallpapers by artists

par Giasco Bertoli

Christodoulos Panayiotou

par Christodoulos Panayiotou

Marina Faust, Vienne

par Marina Faust


Allan McCollum

par Paul Bernard

Atelier Bow-Wow

par Seungduk Kim

Olaf Nicolai

par Jean-Marie Gallais


Enlarge your Penis

par Martin Gutman

Cave se rebiffe

par Franck Gautherot

Big Tits

par Paquita Paquin