Frog 14 hits the newsstands in September 2014.

The American artist Joe Bradley is on the cover, photographed for Frog by Jo Malgrean.

In this issue, JOE BRADLEY is interviewed by Frog’s Chief Editor ERIC TRONCY, while CHARLES TEYSSOU reviews his show at EVA PRESENHUBER (Zürich). Hopefully there is no weakness in our intent to showcase in Frog #14 some of the artists who are the market darlings right now. Read what they have to say! MATIAS FALDBAKKEN talks extensively with art critic FABIAN STECH, and so does FREDRIK VAERSLEV with ERIC TRONCY, while CAMILLE HENROT chats with JONATHAN CHAUVEAU. See also the reviews for TAUBA AUERBACH, PAMELA ROZENKRANZ and KORAKRIT ARUNANONDCHAI. Will they still be talked about in 20 years? Only time will tell!

This question is not meant to be mean but intended as a lede for this issue’s special section dedicated to the STEPHANIE MOISDON and DOMINIQUE GONZALEZ-FOERSTER-curated exhibition “1984-1999 La Décennie” at the Pompidou Centre Metz. Those who think this is the long-awaited show about what happened in the arts twenty years ago might be disappointed, while those who always enjoy an inventive show and a sharp attitude will be thrilled. It’s difficult to please everyone, right?

Did REM KHOOLAAS try to please everyone with his Venice Architecture Biennale? This is the question debated by JESSE SEEGERS, while FLAVIEN MENU shares his intense thoughts on RENZO PIANO’s Shard in London. Architecture is everywhere in famous fashion photographer ROMAIN BERNARDIE JAMES’s photo series on RICHARD ARTSCHWAGER’s “blps” in Monte Carlo, and in designer FELIPE RIBON’s pictures of Palm Springs —a place discussed in deep by design historian ALEXANDRA MIDAL. Urbanism in London may have been slightly embellished by KATHARINA FRITSCH’s sculpture for the Fifth Plinth —well, this is the way ANTOINE ESPINASSEAU looks at it. Escape from the city is provided by fashion photographer MAURO MONGIELO, who went to New Mexico trying to connect with GEORGIA O’KEEFE’s spirit and brought back some extraordinary pictures.

As extraordinary is international art critic NOELLIE ROUSSEL’s review of French magician GARCIMORE’s exhibition in Barfleur —in fact more than a review, it’s really an essay dealing with roadside museums, magic, and one thing leading to another, MARINA ABRAMOVIC. And then some more.


Joe Bradley

“The SS Potlicker & Friends”

Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zürich

by Charles Teyssou

Pamela Rozenkranz

“My Sexuality”

Karma International, Zürich

par Jean-Marie Gallais.

Tauba Auerbach

“The New Ambidextruous Universe”

The ICA, Londres

par Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff

Renzo Piano

“The Shard”, Londres

par Flavien Menu

“1984-1999, La décennie”

Centre Pompidou, Metz

par Eric Troncy

José Garcimore

Les Amuseurs, Barfleur

by Noëllie Roussel


Joe Bradley

by Eric Troncy

Camille Henrot

par Jonathan Chauveau

Mathias Faldbakken

par Fabian Stech

Milan Kunc

par Samuel Gross

Fredrik Vaerslev

par Eric Troncy

Gérard Alaux

Par Jonathan Chauveau


by Commission

“Entretemps… Brusquement, Et ensuite”
12ème Biennale de Lyon
par Fabian Stech
Thomas Hirschhorn
“Flamme Eternelle”
Palais de Tokyo, Paris	
par Alexandre Costanzo
Palm Springs
par Alexandra Midal
The 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice	
by Jesse Seegers
Korakrit Arunanondchai
MoMA, PS1, New York 
by Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff


Enlarge your penis

Berlin, Gallery Weekend

par Eric Troncy

Hyères, 29th International Festival of Fashion & Photography

par Maéva Tenneroni


Georgia O’Keefe

by Mauro Mongiello

Katharina Fritsch

by Antoine Espinasseau

Richard Artschwager

by Romain Bernardie-James

Haim Steinbach

by Antoine Espinasseau

Edris House & Cody House

by Felipe Ribon

Collier Schorr

by Katharina Greven

“Mingei: Are You Here?”

by Antoine Espinasseau

Les Immatériaux

by Marina Faust