Frog 12 was published in March 2013.

The Los Angeles artist Alex Israel is on the cover. Alex made this selfportrait specially for Frog at the Warner Brothers studios in L.A.

This is a very Los Angeles-oriented issue, featuring American artist ALEX ISRAEL after his show at Galerie ALMINE RECH, Paris, reviewed by Frog’s Chief editor ERIC TRONCY and pictured by GREGORY CARDON. Alex also did the picture of our editorial, and realized the interviews of American writer BRET EASTON ELLIS and actress MELANIE GRIFFITH —they were featured in his “As it Lays” web project, today in the MoCA Los Angeles collections.

Design historian ALEXANDRA MIDAL went to LA and wrote an amazing essay on privacy in architecture, visiting LARI PITTMAN’s houses —a RICHARD NEUTRA house he’s been living in for years and a quite imposing MICHAËL MALTZAN house they’ve recently added next to it.

From London, Frog’s photo editor ANTOINE ESPINASSEAU brought back an astonishing photo series in JOHN CURRIN’s show at SADIE COLES —he also went to Helsinki to photograph a brand new church by K2S architects. In New York, architect FLAVIEN MENU went to see ROB PRUITT’s ANDY WARHOL monument, and pictured the JOHN CHAMBERLAIN sculptures installed on the piazza facing the Seagram building. Regular Frog photographer MARINA FAUST went to Vienna and was very inspired by ED RUSHA’s exhibition in the collections of the Kunsthistorishes museum.

Documenta XII did not convince Frog’s Chief editor STEPHANIE MOISDON: neither did the show please ANNE PONTEGNIE and NICOLAS TREMBLEY: the 3 of them publish e-mails they sent each other after the German show. Much more adored were the two JEFF KOONS shows in Frankfurt: Frog’s associate editor JEAN-MARIE GALLAIS wrote a long essay on the most famous contemporary American artist and did really great pictures of the shows. In Paris, GAÉTAN BRUNET and CHLOE VALADIE saw REM KOOLHAAS’s show at Galerie Lafayettes and reviewed it with great attention.

French movie Director LEOS CARAX is the other main focus of this issue, with reviews of his movie Holy Motors by VIRGINIE VUILLAUME and ERIC TRONCY, and never seen before pictures CAMILLE DE CHENAY took during the filming.

And fashion specialist PAQUITA PAQUIN, in the “chronique” section, tells everything about FARIDA KHELFA and HENRI SEYDOUX’s wedding: which is, no doubt, the most discussed event of the season!


by Alex Israel.


Léos Carax

“Holy Motors”

par Virginie Vuillaume

par Eric Troncy

Alex Israel

Galerie Almine Rech, Paris

par Eric Troncy

OMA – Rem Koolhaas

par Gaétan Brunet & Chloé Valadié

Betrand Lavier, “Depuis 1969”

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

par Marjolaine Lévy

“To the Moon via the Beach”

Arènes d’Arles

par Jean-Marie Gallais

Rosemarie Trockel, “A Cosmos”

The New Museum, New York

by Douglas Ross


“Jeff Koons the Painter”, “Jeff Koons the Sculptor”


par Jean-Marie Gallais

Bruno Gironcoli, Tier und Naturpark Schloss Herberstein


par Catherine Laubier & Yves Brochard

Paul Siestema, “The Sentence”

Tulips & Roses, Bruxelles

par Ida Soulard

Artist Placement Group

Raven Row, Londres

par Fabien Pinaroli

France Fiction

Museo Experimental Et Eco, Mexico City

by Jennifer Teets


“Performing Architecture” Symposium, Princeton University

by Jesse Seegers & Mei Lun Xue

At Home with Lari Pittman

Los Angeles

par Alexandra Midal

“Common Ground”, XIIIè Biennale d’Architecture de Venise

par Franck Gautherot

Matt Sheridan Smith, “Tell me the truth, am I still in the game?”

Forde, Genève

by Vincent Normand

“Rasterfahndung, das Raster in der Kunst nach 1945”

Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart

by Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff

Documenta XIII


par Stéphanie Moisdon, Anne Pontégnie, Nicolas Trembley.


John Currin

by Antoine Espinasseau

Pierre Huyghe

by Armelle Portelli

Lari Pittman

by Alexandra Midal

Rob Pruitt

by Flavien Menu

Ed Rusha

by Marina Faust

K2s Architects

by Antoine Espinasseau

John Chamberlain

by Flavien Menu

Camille Henrot

by Pierre-Henri Chauveau

Salvador Dali

by Annie Troncy-Rosen

Bruno Gironcoli

by Catherine Laubier & Yves Brochard


Bret Easton Ellis

by Alex Israel

Melanie Griffith

by Alex Israel

Joseph Logan

by Jordan Wolfson

Alan Vega

by Danièle Gibrat


Enlarge your Penis

par AFP

Le mariage

par Paquita Paquin

Les œuvres synchrones

par Jonathan Chauveau

LeRoy Neiman

par Yan Céh

Nuit blanche, lieux multiples

par Thomas Bizien

Les nuages

par Jonathan Chauveau