Frog 13 was published in November 2013.

The American artist Mike Kelley (1954 – 2012) is on the cover, photographed by Catherine Bastide in Bryce Canyon, Southwestern Utah.

MIKE KELLEY’s shows at The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and The Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris are discussed in this issue by JILL GASPARINA and NOELLIE ROUSSEL —both admiring KELLEY’s œuvre and sharing a rather critical point of view on the Paris venue. Not much more positive is the opinion of JONATHAN CHAUVEAU on French philosopher BERNARD-HENRI LEVY’s show “Les aventures de la vérité” at the Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, but admiration is back with MARIE DE BRUGEROLLE’s essay on ANDREA FRASER and her show in Cologne. PIERRE HUYGHE’s Pompidou Centre exhibition also leans Frog Editor in Chief ERIC TRONCY to express —one more time— his deep admiration for the very demanding relationship the French artist has with his own work.

In a rather long interview, German Art Dealer and Collector MICHAEL WERNER tells FABIAN STECH everything he has to say about the art world, collecting and selling art — and the meaning of a donation, after he decided to give 127 paintings and sculptures to the Musee d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris.

The 55th Venice Biennial is also discussed in this issue by ELISABETH LEBOVICI, BERNARD MARCADE, NICOLAS TREMBLEY, STEPHANIE MOISDON  and ERIC TRONCY, and to say they did not like what they see is an understatement. But the quite intrepid remake of legendary exhibition “Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form (Works — Concepts — Processes — Situations — Information)” at the Prada Foundation in Venice by starchitect REM KOOLHAAS ravishes everyone.

Talking about architecture, ANTOINE ESPINASSEAU interviewed Japanese architect HIDEYUKI NAKAYAMA, and photographed SOU FOUJIMOTO’s pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery in London. Fashion Photographer PIERRE EVEN went to Le Roc, in the South of France, and photographed the extraordinary house built there by French architect FREDERIC MARTINET. He and EDOUARD ROPAS both wrote on legendary Haus III built by OSWALD MATHIAS UNGERS in Cologne, photographed for Frog by PHILIPPE JARRIGEON.

“Il Palazzo Enciclopedico”
55ème Biennale de Venise
par Elisabeth Lebovici, Bernard Marcadé, Stéphanie Moisdon, Anne Pontégnie, Nicolas Trembley, Eric Troncy.
Camille Henrot
55ème Biennale de Venise
by Juana Berrio
par Jonathan Chauveau
Mike Kelley
musée national d’Art moderne, Paris
by Noéllie Roussel
par Jill Gasparina
Pierre Huyghe
musée national d’Art moderne, Paris			
par Eric Troncy
“Bloody Mary”
Torri, Paris
par Claire Jaumouillé & Claire Vaneau


Mike Kelley

The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

by Noéllie Roussel

“Mom, am I Barbarian?”

13ème Biennale d’Istanbul

par Joerg Bader

Mandla Reuter

330 Waldon Place, Los Angeles; Winsstrasse, Berlin.

par Jean-Marie Gallais


Hideyuki Nakayama

by Antoine Espinasseau

Philip King

by Eric Troncy

Michael Werner

by Fabian Stech

Andrew Pike

by Eric Troncy


“Nouvelles Vagues”

Palais de Tokyo, Paris

par Eric Troncy

“Les aventures de la vérité”

Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul-de-Vence

par Jonathan Chauveau

Gianni Piacentino

centre d’Art contemporain, Gevève

par Samuel Gross

Oswald Mathias Ungers

“Haus III”, Cologne

par Frédéric Martinet

par Edouard Ropas

Andrea Fraser

Museum Ludwig, Cologne

par Marie de Brugerolle

by Andrea Fraser


Angela Bulloch

by Melville Bouchard

“Sealand Day”

by Bruno Serralongue

Ugo Rondinone

by Antoine Espinasseau


J’aime les livres de mes amis

par Paquita Paquin

Trans Europe Express

par Charles Teyssou

Heart of Glass/Heart of Gold

par Eric Troncy



by Flavien Menu

Ugo Rondinone

by Jean-Marie Gallais

Angela Bulloch, David Grubbs

by Antoine Espinasseau

Loïc Raguénès

by André Morin

Sou Fujimoto

by Antoine Espinasseau

Angus Fairhurst

by Antoine Espinasseau

“Le Roc”

by Pierre Even

Gloria Friedman

by Bruno Voidey

Meret Oppenheim

by Marina Faust